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We have tried to answer a few of the commonest questions which businesses often have about G Suite. But, if you have not found your questions then please, write to us. We will be happy to help you understand more about G Suite and how it can be perfect for your business.

Using GSuite, you get advanced features which can help you push your business in more professional way. You would get customized domain id (like you@yourcompany.com) and thrice the amount of storage capacity (more, storage capacity as per your chosen plan) and various other features.

Yes, you can have the option to create multiple accounts. You can have as many as 30 aliases (for each user).

Yes, you can do this. It would be easy to transfer your free Gmail contacts to Google G Suite.

Sorry, you can’t. You will get all apps together when you buy G Suite. There is nothing like pick and pay option here.

Yes, you can have a free trial. Register for FREE Trial here.

Absolutely not. There will be no downtime.

Yes, you can do it and there would be no extra charge for the same.

Yes, it is possible. Admin console allows you to grant rights or responsibility whoever you may wish to.

Yes, it is possible. Through admin console, you can allow or restrict access to G Suite features.

Yes, it would be very easy. You can contact our team for more details.

Absolutely not. There will be no downtime.

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