Big Data

With AWS cloud solutions, enterprises can have the opportunity to build and run any big data application much more easily no matter how complex it would be. They can have the option to go on with no flaws in-app functioning as AWS supports any workload irrespective of the volume, velocity or the variety of the data.

Simplifying data collection, data storage, and data processing. Business owners can analyze and visualize big data as and when required with data on Amazon cloud.

You would certainly not require investing more for the same. You get access to flexible resources at very low costs. You can easily scale almost any type of big data app (including but not just limited to clickstream analytics, warehousing, event-driven ETL, IoT processing, serverless computing etc).


High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities data engineers and scientists resolve complex data issues effortlessly.

HPC applications would certainly require much higher network performance, well storage capabilities, higher security etc. But, it is difficult to string together all these without having to invest more for the same but when you take AWS as your HPC then you can have no trouble at all. AWS allows data engineers & scientists to catalyze their research work and save a lot of time for them to bring awesome results with effective HPC as service.

It may not be possible for enterprises to scale up the computing needs as required with the growth in the data but HPC by AWS allows this. Therefore, it is considered the best option compared to in-house infrastructure.