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Cloud computing is all hype right now, but what does it really mean? Do you have to be sitting in the mountains with the computer in the hand among the clouds or on a plane with a laptop? Does it work when it is sunny? Can you actually type on a cloud computing keyword?

Cloud computing is big & it is getting bigger & bigger every day. There are 3 layers of the cloud computing they are the application, platform, infrastructure and companies use them differently based on what they offer.

The bottom is the infrastructure, this is where things start and people will start to build. This is the layer where cloud hosting leaves, so let’s start with hosting in the cloud.

Hosting in the cloud

Hosting in the cloud is the older concept, but with the advance in the technology, it is working really well. Let’s say you are a company and you have a website and website has a lot of short conversations taken place between the members you start with the few years talking with each other and they start telling their friends about their site and they tell their friends and friends tell their friends and so on and you are successful but with the success can come the problem, your equipment can’t keep up with your demand. Your services slow down and suddenly you are in trouble.

A few years ago you would have kept your website on a computer (or) server somewhere and when success kicked in you have to run around and buy servers, set them up or someone set them up for you.100’s of 1000’s of computers do that now which takes a lot of money and lot of time this is called hosting, it takes time to set them up and they cost quite a bit money to run all the time. You pay for these servers when you are using them and you pay for them when you are using them.

Really you want to build the service and improve your product, but instead of success your customers are getting angry and your successful business is shrinking away, now you have a better option “Cloud Computing “. With cloud computing, you have the access to computing power instantly when you needed. For your website on a cloud server just like you put it on a dedicated server and when people start visiting your site if you suddenly need more computing power dedicated to your website you can, you can scale up as much as you need almost instantly. You get your computing power as you need from the cloud on demand and your customer stay happy without noticing any difference. If your traffic dips back down you can release your servers into the cloud just as easily this is a major advantage.

In a brief note “When you need more computing power you can instantly access from the cloud and when you are done with it you release it back to the cloud”. Billing is easy too it works like your electricity, gas bills when you turn “ON” a light the meter starts running and you are billed to the electrical power that you take from the power grim and when you are done with the light you turn it “OFF” and your meter stops running or you can think about paying for taxi. The meter runs when you ride and it runs much slower when you stop and when you are done with your ride you get out and pay your fare. Why buy the whole taxi when you can pay for the trip.

But wait how can you actually work with the cloud, when you can physically touch your hardware, easy by using your own personal computer you can remotely access your cloud server and control it. You can put whatever needed on its website, software’s or whatever and they disconnect it when you are done.

You never touch it physically; the key of the cloud is not to focus on the hardware. You just focus on the website or software’s or whatever you are doing. Think about any cloud services you really care where and what physical server your emails are hosted. Isn’t vastly important how service works and it is reliable, stable & easy to use.

Here are the 3 reasons why cloud computing is becoming popular:-

  1. Scalability:-

It’s easy to grow or shrink to match your domain if you need one, two or ten servers with cloud hosting. It is easy to grow or shrink the number based on your need right now.

  1. Instant:-

Cloud hosting is instant; the computing power is there when you needed. You just turn it “ON” whenever you need, it is instantly available on the cloud and when you need goes down you simply turn them “OFF”.

  1. Save Money:-

You can only pay for what you use and after having equipment set around just in case you might need it.

With cloud hosting you can stop warring about hardware, you can work on building your business instead using cloud hosting will save your time and money and also it is there for you to use instantly.

So dump these old servers and head to the clouds.

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