Amazon Cloud Services

We provide End to End Cloud Services for your organizations

Connectio provides you with what is needed or required, to a growing number of clients, with a focus on high-scale start-ups, independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises. We are a one-stop for all your cloud needs from cloud advisory, migration and deployment, and to build a plan for hybrid cloud operations to support business demand.

Other Services

We enable our customers to decrease their time to market and build a fault tolerant, highly available and scalable application to support their business needs.

Application Development

With Combination of rapid development Methodology approach & expertise in product development, we help you accelerate your time to value and minimize business impact.

IoT, Big Data

The team of experts with  experience in  implementing  IOT  solutions, Petabyte scale data warehouses & real-time reporting and Hadoop, Spark, EMR, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Hbase etc

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Global web & eCommerce applications. IMS & CMS.Cutting-edge technology like server-less architecture & caching engines like Redis on a cloud.