Solving The Complexity Of Cybersecurity- Our Story !!

Cloud security services became progressively important as enterprises move more applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud.

Connectio follows protection ring methodology with integrated behavior analysis of processes, files, memory leakages, network connections, registry, USB interface, Hardware changes and kernel level controls to guard against all suspicious and unknown attacks. Also to make sure proper file transfer in milliseconds with negligible impact on performance using a lightweight footprint of 15-20MB RAM with <1% of CPU utilization. The Integrated analysis produces logs of detailed computer activity that aids in forensics and intelligence purposes for the organization.


1. PROACTIVE PROTECTION:- Built on the radical idea of “Protecting the GOOD/CORE system behavior at kernel level” based on “Context-aware deterministic approach”, the technology is truly one of its kind that assures PROACTIVE-SUPERLATIVE PROTECTION.

2. Multi-Product Environment- Technically Replaces AV, EDR, IDS, IPS, HIPS, Sandbox, SIEM, WSUS, Hardening Efforts, VA, PT, SOC Operations and Technical Audits.

3. PATCH Management- Our Revolutionary “Virtual Patching at Kernel level” ensures freedom from PATCH MANAGEMENT allowing for HUGE Savings of time/effort and cost associated with it.

4. SOC Operations- Owing to its PROACTIVE mode of Protection and Automated Security functionality, expensive IT resources otherwise allocated for SOC Level Operations can be replaced. This translates to direct cost savings.

5. VAPT- Routine checks of Vulnerability Assessments and Pen Testing activities that are highly cost ridden are no longer required as they are inbuilt, default functionalities of Radar360.

6. Resource Utilization- Negligible Resource Utilization in terms of computing power and Bandwidth translates to efficient system performance leading to overall organizational productivity.

7. End User Cyber Training- No More cost to be incurred on insanely expensive Cyber Security training for the end users. Radar360 is designed in a way that is agnostic to the end user knowledge of cybersecurity.

8. Centralized Dashboard- Incredibly Automated, the platform allows for complete management and control via the centralized dashboard.

Cognore-Radar 360