Security & Storage Service | Approach

Connectio strongly believes and invests in Cloud cybersecurity since it is important to guard your company Cloud applications, data and infrastructure against all kinds of suspicious and unknown attacks.

  • That is why Connectio has joined hands with the best in the market like
    • Radar 360 which uses proactive defense and a ransomware remediation toolkit and forensic procedures to counter sophisticated ransomware and malware.
    • Symantec protects against advanced threats, malware and other cyber-attacks with security products and solutions for small, medium and large companies.
    • Palo Alto helps your company prevent successful cyberattacks across cloud, network and mobile.

How can Connectio Security and Storage Solutions help your company?

  • Connectio Storage Services ensures your company data is stored and managed securely and systematically.
  • We make sure that your data is backed up with reduced costs.
  • Our storage solutions, NAS (remote file serving) and SAN (dedicated network of storage devices) support all aspects of your company Infrastructure no matter how complex they are.


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