Cloud Advisory Services

We will help you build your cloud strategy and determine what cloud could offer to your organization.

Cloud Migration and Deployments

Depending Upon customer-facing application, whether it is web-based or mobile, enterprise applications like DevOps, AWS Services, Big Data & HPC, EMC, or Product Development, we have the experience and expertise to chart out an effective plan of migration with nearly zero downtime.


We have a unique discovery based methodology for implementation of complex DevOps projects, we help create the strategic plan for a successful DevOps project execution.

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data analytics is one of the key areas of research today uses various types of approaches in data science and predictive analysis. Connectio’s Big Data Solution approach is designed to help organizations define a big data analytics process, adopt right tools, build a cloud-based analytics engine and empower businesses with actionable and operational business analytics.

Cloud Native Application and Product Development

With Combination of rapid development Methodology approach & expertise in product development, we help you accelerate your time to value and minimize business impact.

Amazon Web Services

As an AWS partner,Connectio IT harnesses the ability of AWS Cloud Computing to make a unique providing that combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of Amazon’s robust cloud platform with Connectio IT expertise in cloud integration.