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Platform for IT Infrastructure

The AWS Cloud provides a wide range of infrastructure services, such as Durable Storage, Compute, Database, Management Tools and many other services, with pay for what you use

Amazon Web services provide building blocks that you can assemble quickly to support virtually any workload, adjust them as you need to change without the upfront cost of on-going commitments and only pay for what you use.

Let us make it in a simple this way, with your building applications for colleagues or consumers, for Enterprise support or E-commerce with Amazon Web services you find a complete set of highly available services which design to work together to built sophisticated scalable applications. Delivered over the internet, you have on-demand access for highly durable storage, low-cost computing, high-performance databases, and tools to manage these applications all available at upfront cost only pay for what you use.

High Durable Storage








Low-Cost Compute

  • Amazon EC2

High-performance Database




      Dynamo DB






Tools to Manage these Resources


    Cloud Watch




  Cloud Formation

     AWS Elastic



So let’s say that you are building a database driven application where high availability & low cost are important, you can use AWS to store your important documents & files with storage services designed for level9 to durability and power your App with relational/non-relational databases. Now you have reliable manage databases up and running in minutes across multiple geographically isolated data centres for redundancy & availability.

You can redeploy your applications using the tools and languages you are used to either with full administrative root services or as a pre-packaged app such as SAP-Business objects, Micro strategy-“Best in business intelligence, the Microsoft-share point which is all available from AWS marketplace. Some of the Tools and Applications we use to deploy applications are:

Tools Applications
Chef PHP
Puppet Java
Visual Studio Ruby / Python
Eclipse .NET / Node.JS


You will find a lot of selection of computational resources to power your applications with support for I/O, storage & CPU intensive workloads. Experimentation becomes an easy & low risk, with on-demand access to a wide range of hardware configurations & flexibility to evaluate and run virtually any technology or two. Like Windows, Linux, SAP. Plus your infrastructure can grow & shrink automatically as you need to change.

You can round up your applications with low balancing domain name services, a global content delivery network & automate everything with wide ray of SDK’S. Working with your data is easy too, with simple tools to integrate, import/export, manage Hadoop cluster, spinout petabyte-scale data federate identity and build complaint secure environment which integrates into existing infrastructure via privately dedicated connectivity.

You also have access to the fine grade network & identity management, security certification & access controls to your organizations’ needs. With AWS you will find the complete platform, ready to use virtually to any workloads. For business applications, Bigdata or building a games AWS gives access to the resources you need to create sophisticated, scalable applications of any size or shape.

We invest what you are with IT using Amazon Web Services

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