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Connectio has partnered with Amazon Web Services(AWS) to provide your company World Class Cloud Services and to reduce the carbon footprint and going green.

Whether you are a start-up or a legend in your industry, Connectio has various solutions, from Cloud Hosting, Cloud Migration and Deployments, DevOps, to Business Applications, Application Development, and middleware solutions like IoT (Internet of things), Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Cloud Hosting

Connectio works with you to get a high-level understanding, validate and suggest any improvements. So coordinate with AWS to set up your accounts and start your journey to the cloud.


We have a unique discovery based methodology for implementation of complex DevOps projects, we help create the strategic plan for a successful DevOps project execution.

Cloud Migration and Deployments

Depending Upon customer-facing application, whether it is web-based or mobile, enterprise applications like DevOps, AWS Services, Big Data & HPC, EMC, or Product Development, we have the experience and expertise to chart out an effective plan of migration with nearly zero downtime.

Business Applications

Enterprises can cost-effectively run their small to big web applications, business-critical or operations-based applications such as SAP, Oracle, and CRM etc on cloud

How can Connectio AWS help your company?

  • Connectio uses the infrastructure and technology provided by AWS to host your company data on Cloud virtual servers saving you space, time and money on setting up physical web servers.
  • Connectio combines your company’s Application Development and Systems Operations to create and implement a strategic plan in executing complex projects.
  • DevOps model at Connectio uses tools and practices to increase your company’s ability to provide services at a higher pace, in turn serving your customers better and staying on top of your competition in the market.
  • Our experts focus on reducing complexity by matching you with the best AWS infrastructure that fulfills your company’s long-term goals.
  • Connectio Business Applications for your company are cost-effective, automated processes, increased efficiency and accessibility to your products and services on the go no matter where your customers are.
  • Our experts help to keep all your physical networks and departments connected and exchange data and create more opportunities for integration with other businesses.
  • Our experts also implement Big Data with real-time reporting.


Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding your business cloud solutions.

See how we can introduce your business to the right cloud platform.

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