Six Common Cloud Challenges Felt Across Industries

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Six Common Cloud Challenges Felt Across Industries

Six Common Cloud Challenges Felt Across Industries

In 2018, that meant a new target understanding the needs of customers in specific industries. we hired industry specialists to better meet the unique regulatory, governance and operational desires in financial services, federal, state and local government, healthcare and retail to assist Connectio to develop solutions to their specific business challenges.

As we created these vertical solutions, we found these industries also face many common challenges. Those include decisions about when, how and how much to move out of on-premise data centres; choosing, migrating and managing multiple clouds and the way to secure and best utilize ever-growing data stores.

So, as we shut out a year of continued growth, innovation and transformation for our customers, we wished to share some of the most common challenges our customers face, and how we’re solving them.

Exiting the data centre

By 2025 nearly 80 % of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data centres, according to Dave Cuppuccio with Gartner. Between the necessary property, computing hardware, software and security controls, data centres are a significant capital investment. while this might have once been the “price of admission” for many businesses, there are currently more agile infrastructure options available to customers.

However, the transition out of the data centre can be difficult to plan, time-consuming to execute and may overburden in-house IT groups. Our best-practices approach to breaking free of the data centre was developed from in-depth expertise with thousands of deployments across industries. we meet you where you’re by conducting assessments, assist you to design your future state, and then set up, coordinate and execute migrations, and secure your end-state environment.

Moving from the data centre results in the next common challenge…

Moving to the cloud

Despite the well-known advantages of elasticity, scalability, security and cost-effectiveness, the challenges related to the cloud adoption process are still a great concern for most of our customers. determinative application readiness, identifying the best platform(s) on which to run them and keeping an eye on the dynamical landscape of cloud services and features each requires careful consideration.

These challenges are so prevailing that traditional managed service providers have been unable to keep up. Enter the next generation managed service provider, which dives deeper into customer needs and pain points to craft a tailored, often multi-cloud solution that offers the best fit for each and each application.

And that takes us to…

Outsourcing IT

Managing IT tools and services in-house can seem to be an easy way to save money, but as businesses grow and technologies evolve, continued to manage, re-design and integrate complex infrastructure will result in expensive issues for businesses. The staffing and training requirements to keep up a comprehensive IT team while keeping a focus on innovation can become cost prohibitive.

Partnering with a next-gen provider like Connectio offers access to certified experts who’ve managed every aspect of customer IT solutions, from application support to the orchestration of automated processes and implementation of continuous security. As an added benefit, providers that meet specific compliance standards enable you to outsource some of your regulatory liabilities as well. for example, Connectio adheres to the following data security standards – ISO 27001, PCI, SSAE1, SOC, US-EU Privacy shield, CPS, HIPAA, FedRAMP, FISMA and DFARS.

Outsourcing has another valuable benefit…

Controlling IT spend

Customers across industries are trying to find cost-reduction opportunities to help keep their IT spend from undermining profits or cutting into core business expenditures. balancing the need to cut back IT costs without cutting skilled resources or impacting customer service is tough.

Connectio has designed cost optimization services to combat this challenge. Services include feature resource tagging, budgeting services and pay coverage. we proactively identify idle, unused, misaligned and outdated resources and remediate as necessary. this allows organizations to spend smarter, focusing IT bucks on their differentiating secret sauce.

Spending smart brings us to the next challenge…

Modernizing apps

Another common pain purpose is the need for multi-cloud, multi-vendor support. Our customers have told us loud and clear: i would like to bring my applications with me to the cloud; i want to use what I have and know.

Nobody wants to be forced to change the tools they’ve been using to run their business simply because they’re not compatible with a platform. What they require is the ability to run current applications in a new environment.

Figuring out that apps ought to be re-factored or re-platformed, and which can work higher as a service, needs the integrated effort of a various army of consultants. Connectio has the resources, to not mention the partnerships with key suppliers, to migrate and deploy every and each app for optimum performance.

Securing and storing information

No list of common challenges would be complete while not discussing information security and storage. whereas we tend to see some cross-industry diversity among specific storage and security restrictive standards, customers area unit consistent in their commitment to protective their mission crucial information, in person recognisable info, and belongings.

Connectio will facilitate implement controls and processes and facilitate educate internal groups in order that they perceive the facility they need to remain on top of things. we all know the stakes area unit high: information breaches will destroy reputations and businesses. this can be why Connectio’s approach to security is to integrate it at each level of your answer in the least stages of its lifecycle

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